Sponsor the the University of Kent Rowing Club!

Thank you for your consideration!

Please see below for our sponsorship opportunities, for both individuals and corporate partners.


We welcome donations of all sizes! We maintain a GoFundMe page for one-off contributions. Should you wish to contribute regularly, don’t hesitate to contact us!

With any donation, you can opt to join our mailing list to stay in the loop about our activities and receive invitations to our events. Our biggest contributors will be invited to our exclusive Winter Ball and Summer Ball, given the opportunity to name our boats, and commemorated on the board of donors in our boathouse.

Corporate partners

We are always interested to hear from potential corporate partners - please contact us to discuss mutual fit of your brand with our club.

Sponsorship of a club like ours comes with unique opportunities for you and your brand.

  • Brand awareness. We display our corporate sponsors proudly on our equipment - boats, oars, kit, transport, banners, and more. We travel across the country to nationwide rowing competitions, exposing your brand to audiences you could never otherwise reach. Combined with our social media presence, sponsorship is a sure-fire way to increase visibility of your brand.

  • Recruitment opportunities. Our athletes push themselves to the limit, balancing degree studies with a rigorous and demanding training schedule. Teamwork, time-management, and performance under pressure are some of the many key skills we instill in all of our members. Our corporate sponsors benefit from direct access to our current students and our ever-growing alumni network.

  • Team-building activities (currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Rowing is the quintessential team sport - we are proud to be able to share our love for the sport with your company. We offer team-building, “learn-to-row” training days - an experience you’ll be sure to remember!

We offer various forms of sponsorship - however, do get in touch if you would like to contribute in a different way.

Sponsor the the University of Kent Rowing Club!

Sponsorship tiers

We offer four primary sponsorship tiers, each with their own perks. You can sponsor via annual lump sum, or monthly standing order.

  • Bronze tier: annual contributions of £500 or more.
    • branding and promotion on our website and social media;
    • branding on our one-/two-person boats.

  • Silver tier: annual contributions of £2,000 or more.
    • branding and promotion on our website and social media;
    • branding on our four-person boats;
    • recruitment access to our current members.

  • Gold tier: annual contributions of £5,000 or more.
    • branding and promotion on our website and social media;
    • branding on all boats in the fleet;
    • one corporate team-building day;
    • recruitment access to both current and former members.

These tiers provide the most direct way to help our club: our committee can ensure your contribution is maximised by diverting funds to where they are most needed. In general, your sponsorship will be used as follows:

  • Day-to-day running costs. Rowing is an expensive sport, and there are many costs we incur daily - including facility rental, transportation costs, and more.
  • Equipment. Keeping our equipment up-to-date and well-maintained is key to remaining performant.
  • Coaching. We seek performance coaching to maximise our potential, raising our profile and yours with it.
  • Subsidising athlete costs. We believe in making rowing an accessible sport. We do not turn anyone away, and want to reduce any barriers to entry.

Event sponsorship

We offer year-long, exclusive event sponsorship. Your brand is most visible when we compete at the national stage. Event sponsorship will go towards the upkeep of and gives you exclusive branding on:

  • Racing kit. Our lycra all-in-ones and iconic summer-time zephyrs are the focal point of our presence at races, appearing in official photographs and on the winners’ podium.
  • Trailer. We rely on our trailer to transport our boats nationwide - it will also take your brand nationwide.
  • Race-day hub. Our gazebo and banners announce our presence at any event, and provide a hub for our athletes and supporters.
  • Accessibility. Cost should provide no barrier to entry to events for our athletes.

Minimum contribution: £5,000

Boat sponsorship

Exclusive, lifetime branding on new purchases. The condition of our fleet is critical to our success. By helping us to purchase a boat and its oars, you ensure we keep our fleet up-to-date and competitive. This allows us to attract high-performance athletes and compete at the highest level. Purchase of new boats has a trickle-down effect for the whole club too: our fastest crews use the fastest boats, and lower crews benefit from faster boats as a result. Most importantly, this allows us to decommission old boats when they are no longer economical to repair, and so alleviate financial pressure on the whole club.

Boat sponsorship gives you:

  • Exclusive branding. For the lifetime of the equipment, we will proudly promote your brand nationwide on the boat and oars.
  • Naming ceremony. Your new boat needs a name, which you will choose! We will invite you to an exclusive naming and unveiling ceremony to christen the boat.
  • Retirement ceremony. At retirement of the boat, you will be invited to an exclusive ceremony and presented with a plaque to commemorate the boat and its contribution to our club.

Please contact us to discuss our current purchase needs.
Minimum contribution: £5,000 - £30,000, dependent on type of boat and new/used condition

Kit sponsorship

We offer year-long, exclusive training kit sponsorship. Rowing is a high-performance sport, and our athletes require high-performance training kit that they can rely on to remain competitive. This can pose a high barrier to entry - we want the sport to remain accessible, and to be able to recruit the best athletes regardless of their financial standing.

By becoming our kit sponsor, you can subsidise these high costs and improve accessibility of our club. Meanwhile, you will retain exclusive branding on all kit subsidised by your contribution, and our athletes will raise visibility of your brand every day of the week.

Minimum contribution: £5,000