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Saturday 26th March
The Tideway, River Thames

With the sun beating down, our men’s pair and one of our senior coxes travelled to the Tideway to race in Head of the River Race (HoRR). Minty, Ewan, and Will joined a composite boat with members of Medway Towns Rowing Club and Gravesend Rowing Club, training together in the months leading up to HoRR. Thank you to the HoRR organisers for another incredible day of racing, with nearly 300 VIIIs out on the water! Thank you too to our crewmates from Medway and Gravesend for making this race a reality!

Our crew set off strong from Chiswick, holding off upcoming crews for the first 3 km of racing. However, they found themselves sandwiched between two overtaking crews before Hammersmith Bridge! They responded well, finding a second wind for the last 2.5 km of racing and crossing the line at Putney triumphant. Minty, Ewan, and Will had a great time racing in one of the biggest rowing events open to all clubs, and enjoyed a well-earned drink at the Putney Spoons!

Results can be found on the Head of the River Race website.

Men’s eight

Our crew started number 237, and finished in 236th with a time of 22:16.

  • Minty Gray – Cox – 4th year, MA Cell Biology
  • William Jennett – Stroke – 4th year, Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry
  • Ewan Elder – 7 – 4th year, Economics with a Year in Industry
  • Matt – 6 – Gravesend
  • James – 5 – Gravesend
  • Dan – 4 – Gravesend
  • Jonny – 3 – Gravesend
  • Mo – 2 – Medway
  • Douglas – Bow – Medway