Medway Towns Rowing Club

We are pleased to announce that our new home will be at Medway Towns Rowing Club (MTRC) in Rochester! This is forty minutes from the University of Kent Canterbury campus, and a short quarter hour from the Medway campus.


MTRC was formed in 1958 from two other rowing clubs: Medway Rowing Club (founded in 1865), and Chatham and Gillingham Rowing Club (founded in 1869). MTRC takes its foundation date from the former. When founded, MTRC consisted solely of an old army hut, donated by the local Royal Engineers barracks! This served as the boathouse for over half a century. In 1985, the boathouse gained power and water, transforming into a combination of changing rooms, club room, and boathouse.

The Cyril Baker Boathouse

Cyril Baker was one of MTRC’s long-standing members. He passed away in 1997, leaving behind a sizable donation to be used in the building of a new clubhouse - without this, and the hard work of MTRC’s members, this lovely new facility would not exist! After years of hard work, the Cyril Baker Boathouse was finished and declared open by Dame Diana Ellis (at the time, Chairman of British Rowing) on 15th September 2013.


Medway Towns Rowing Club

MTRC can be found on the River Medway - an incredible stretch of open water. If you’re feeling brave, you can row downriver out to the sea, or all the way upriver to Maidstone!


MTRC is a welcoming, friendly, and thriving community. We are excited to begin sharing a boathouse with them, and watch history in the making for the University of Kent Rowing Club as it flourishes in its new home in the years to come.

We want to thank all parties involved in making this happen: the MTRC committee, Kent Union and Kent Sport, and the University of Kent Rowing Club committees of 2019-20 and 2020-21.