Rowing is an interesting sport where team work and fitness could be exhibited at its best. Rowing of many different types are all spread across the UK and many types of boats are being used for training, racing, touring and pleasure by various rowing schools and clubs across the nation.

There are also a lot of events held throughout the year to encourage rowers to actively participate in the sport and to let the spectators know the real joy in the sport of rowing. One of such events is Regatta, which is yet to be completely understood by many people who are new to rowing or haven’t had a formal introduction to the sport of rowing. If you are looking to know what Regatta is all about, the following information will surely help you.

Regatta is a racing event in which row boats compete again each other side by side in special courses set for row boats called lanes. Generally Regatta is conducted as a daylong event, in which several heats will take place. Heats are nothing but the number of races that takes place in a single day, each with a considerable time gap between the previous and the next heat. Usually, the ideal venue for Regatta would be a river, where the course need not be compulsorily straight, as the event is conducted to test the ability to row as a team in a tough course.

Regatta season, which starts in April every year, will have many different races held in rivers where there will generally be three lanes, whereas larger venues like lakes and reservoirs will also be selected for six lane racing events.

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