Rowing is fast gaining its popularity among the people of England, especially in places like Kent, where there are plenty of options for people of all ages and skill levels to get themselves involve in this sport. Whether you are a beginner or new to Kent and looking forward for rowing competitions, here are some of the ways you can get yourself busy with rowing exercise and challenges.

If you are completely new to rowing, then you can find plenty of rowing schools across Kent, which conducts training programs for people who have no idea about the what, which and how of rowing. From weight training to ergo meter training, they will gradually make you fit to hit the waters with a fine rowing boat within a few weeks.

If you already have practice in rowing and just want to start from where you left off, you can sign up for a membership in any of the many rowing clubs you can find across Kent. Most of them have rowing boats of all sorts, ranging from Olympic class sweep boats to more stable tourist boats. You can also get to meet a lot of people and even more lot of reasons to make your weekends always filled with fun activities in rowing clubs and the parties after.

British Rowing has programs for advanced rowers, which many rowing clubs in Kent offer, to train them well for international races and competitions. If you are looking for a changeover in your rowing career, you can also sign up for the Umpire training program offered by British Rowing only for expert or retired rowers. By taking up the Umpire training and obtaining the certificate, you can take part in both domestic and international races as umpires.

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If you are just looking for a great exercise where you can work out all the parts of your body, but never want to get wet by hitting the water in a row boat, there is something for you too. You can enrol into a rowing school in Kent for a monthly fee or engage for an hourly fee in indoor rowing activities and challenges, where rowing atmosphere is created using machines, without missing the real work out and effort required for rowing out in the waters.

Several races and competitions were held all year around across Kent, where even a fourteen year old can participate and you can be sure about finding a perfect competition to test your skill as well, no matter what your strength or skill level is

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