Rowing is a sport that needs ultimate effort and utmost care while practicing it in the waters, and even on a rowing machine. To get the most of the joy and sport out which rowing has in stock for you, you should have a better understanding of the most basic things of rowing such as the parts of the rowing boat and names of other different things you may bump into while rowing. Here are a few short introductions of some of the most important things which everyone new to rowing should know about.

· Blades: Blades are nothing but oars used to move the row forward. There are many different kinds of blades used for different purposes and row boat types, and each has its own shape and name.
· Riggers: Riggers help in keeping the blades in position while allowing uninterrupted rowing action. These are found on the sides of row boats and have pivots onto which the blades will be attached to while rowing.
· Seat: Row boats have a special type of seats that moves forward and backward, supported by a wheel attached to runners fixed below the seats. These seats allow greater movement of the seated person, allowing maximum row action of the blades.
· Shoes: Rowing boats come with pre-installed plates made of high density metal, and the rowers should attach their feet to these ‘shoes’ in order to make a stable base required for rowing.

· Stroke: The rower positioned at the back of the boat, or generally termed stern of the boat, is called the stroke and he or she will be the last member of the crew. All the other crew members should follow the movements and rhythm of the stroke in order to apply all the effort in moving the row boat forward with great speed and thrust.
· Cox: A Cox is just another rower who steers along with the crew members while looking out for marks & directions and instructing the crew. He or she may be seated either at the front or at the back of a coxed boat.
· Bow: This name indicates both the front end of a rowing boat as well as the rower seated in that position. If stroke is the last member of the crew, bow is the first member, i.e. number one. The Bow will always cross the finish line first.

The above information will be of utmost help if you are a beginner who is planning to get into a professional rowing school.

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