Rowing, an activity which works out almost all the muscles of the human body, is more than just an activity and is practiced my many as a form of adventure, exploration, pastime and above all, one of the best sports to test team work and coordination. There are several competitions and race events held throughout the year for rowers, where they can participate either individually or as a team. Apart from Regatta, two of the most common and extremely different forms of rowing races are the head race and Indoor rowing competitions.

Head Races
In Rowing, a head race is a race where the course is usually longer than the Regatta and where there will be no lanes. The participant teams would row the complete course, one team at a time, and the time taken by individual teams will be recorded. Unlike Regatta, where spectators can instantly know the event winners as soon they cross the finish line, head race results usually take time to be published after comparing the time taken by teams to complete the race course.

Head Races are usually held between September and March, and are categorised as per age, gender and experience. Experienced rowers will have a long course for the head race, whereas newer rowers would compete in a shorter course.

Indoor Rowing Competitions
In recent times, more people who have different opinions about rowing in water bodies were considering indoor rowing challenges and competitions, which are held all year around for people of all age, experience and strength level. The events, which are conducted using rowing machines, vary from rowing trials to knockout challenges and have different challenges for all types of people, whether it is an individual, a team of athletes or veterans of rowing.

If you are looking for some real time sporting action, then Regatta will amuse you more than these two race types. But, if you are looking for two completely different experiences of rowing races, then these two are just for you.

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