People who are yet to experience the joy, thrill and adventure of rowboats and are looking forward to such an experience would search for rowing schools and clubs as soon as they get that idea. But, as they start their search in the internet, the words ‘rowing’ and ‘sculling’ could be seen all around the websites of row schools and clubs. These two words are enough to leave a person in a confused state and think again if he or she has launched in the correct website, even if they did. If you are one of those persons who are really confused about these two terms, here is something to help you out.

Oaring is nothing but rowing done with only one oar or blade per person. The boats used for oaring are generally called as ‘sweep’ boats and one of the most common and famous sweep boats you could come across is the fine boat with the sliding seats. Fine boats are what you see in Olympic rowing completions and hence, these are also called Olympic class boats. Another common type of rowing boat where you can see rowers oaring is a surf boat.

As you could have already guessed, sculling is nothing but rowing which involves rowers using two blades each. Some of the most common types of row boat people use for sculling include the traditional, handmade Thames Racing Skiffs, which are in use for more than a century without much change and stable boats, which are widely used by rowing schools and clubs to train beginners.

If you find land on the website of a rowing school or a rowing club next time, just remember the difference between oaring and sculling, as this will help you understand the different training levels more easily.

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