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Taking Part in Kent Rowing Activities and Competitions

Rowing is fast gaining its popularity among the people of England, especially in places like Kent, where there are plenty of options for people of all ages and skill levels to get themselves involve in this sport. Whether you are a beginner or new to Kent

British Rowing and the Club Codes – An Introduction

British Rowing is the controlling authority of all the rowing clubs and rowing schools across UK, and all the rowing clubs & schools should follow certain rules and regulations created by British Rowing to ensure the safety and security of people indulging in rowing. One of

Head Races and Indoor Rowing Competitions

Rowing, an activity which works out almost all the muscles of the human body, is more than just an activity and is practiced my many as a form of adventure, exploration, pastime and above all, one of the best sports to test team work and coordination.

Things You Don’t Know About Regatta Rowboat Racing

Rowing is an interesting sport where team work and fitness could be exhibited at its best. Rowing of many different types are all spread across the UK and many types of boats are being used for training, racing, touring and pleasure by various rowing schools and