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Top 5 Things to Remember before You Head out into the Water to Row

Rowing is a fun activity. It is relaxing and challenging at the same time. You have to use your entire body in order to keep moving. In a way, you are also doing exercise. It helps in achieving your fitness goals without really feeling tired. You simply

Everything You should known about Rowing and Weil’s Disease

Weil ’s disease, which is also known as Leptospirosis, is a rare water born disease caused by organisms present in the water. This disease leads to a slight fever like feeling at the beginning which grows into fatal damages like kidney and level failure, resulting in

Difference between oaring and sculling

People who are yet to experience the joy, thrill and adventure of rowboats and are looking forward to such an experience would search for rowing schools and clubs as soon as they get that idea. But, as they start their search in the internet, the words

Things You Don’t Know About Regatta Rowboat Racing

Rowing is an interesting sport where team work and fitness could be exhibited at its best. Rowing of many different types are all spread across the UK and many types of boats are being used for training, racing, touring and pleasure by various rowing schools and

Some of the most common types of Rowing Boats

Rowing boats are of different types and each has its own purpose along with some special features made for its particular purpose. If you are new to rowing or you are yet to get into the world of rowing, you should have a common idea of