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British Rowing and the Club Codes – An Introduction

British Rowing is the controlling authority of all the rowing clubs and rowing schools across UK, and all the rowing clubs & schools should follow certain rules and regulations created by British Rowing to ensure the safety and security of people indulging in rowing. One of

Difference between oaring and sculling

People who are yet to experience the joy, thrill and adventure of rowboats and are looking forward to such an experience would search for rowing schools and clubs as soon as they get that idea. But, as they start their search in the internet, the words

Some of the most common types of Rowing Boats

Rowing boats are of different types and each has its own purpose along with some special features made for its particular purpose. If you are new to rowing or you are yet to get into the world of rowing, you should have a common idea of

Rowing Basics – Things You Should Know Before You Get Started With Rowing

Rowing is a sport that needs ultimate effort and utmost care while practicing it in the waters, and even on a rowing machine. To get the most of the joy and sport out which rowing has in stock for you, you should have a better